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Witches' Brew: Brew Beauty: Susan L. Taylor

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Brew Beauty: Susan L. Taylor

Author and philanthropist Susan L. Taylor is our latest Brew Beauty of the Week!  Chances are, if you're a Black woman -or have one in your house- you've either read or been inspired by her words.  As a single mother, Taylor worked her way up through the ranks at Essence magazine, eventually becoming editor-in-chief and later publications director.  Taylor played a role at Essence for nearly four decades.  After stepping down from the magazine, Taylor went on to focus her time on mentoring young people through the National Cares Mentoring Movement.

Taylor's mentoring project is branching out all over the country.  To find out more about it, click here, then head to our Facebook page for our Brew Beauty gallery to see more of Susan. And while you're there, become a fan and then follow our blog!  Drop us a line if there's someone you'd like to see as our next Beauty of the Week!



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