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Witches' Brew: "Hide The Baby Mamas... TMZSports Is Coming!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Hide The Baby Mamas... TMZSports Is Coming!"

Professional athletes of America, you probably can thank Tiger Woods for what's sure to be a shitstorm of unwanted media attention now that TMZSports is set to launch.

As blogger sportsBYbrooks reported the news today: Hide the baby mamas! is coming.”

Apparently, TMZ has broken so many stories about sports "heroes" in recent months, they've decided to focus their attention on the sports world and dedicate a domain to that coverage. They say the plan had been in the works long before the media gift from heaven that is the Tiger Woods cheating scandal.  What remains to be seen though, is whether TMZSports will feature the kinds of random "out and about eating at Mr. Chow" paparazzi shots like its sister site, TMZ.

Here's the question though: will TMZSports' tabloid coverage make any of these "sketchy" professional athletes think before they do their hoodrat activities?

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