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Witches' Brew: Policing with little to no common sense or compassion...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Policing with little to no common sense or compassion...

Dallas Officer Detains NFL Player Rushing to Dying Mother-in-Law's Bedside

Sad, is all I can say about what happened yesterday to Ryan Moats and his family. The NFL RB for the Houston Texans was in Dallas when he and his wife received a call that his mother-in-law who was in the hospital, was nearing death. Racing against time they attempt to get the hospital obviously to say their last goodbyes. Moats, after stopping and looking both ways, went through a red light and was then pulled over by a police officer in the hospital parking lot. This is disturbing on some many levels. IN the video footage Moats is pleading with the officer trying to explain that a loved one is in the hospital and within seconds of dyinig and Office Ahole is unmoved by this information. He even pull a gun on the wife when she tries to get out of the vehicle. They were right in front of the hospital!!! So while he was busy admonishing and chastising Moats, another officer went inside to verify the story and the ahole officer's response was "ok I'm almost done". WTF!!!

Saddest part, they did not make it in time as Mrs. Collingsworth, Moats' mother-in-law passed while they were being detained by the officer. Are cops instructed to throw all common sense to the wind??? What happened to compassion? I know instinct and common sense cannot be taught and the thought that cops like Officer Ahole are out there really scares the crap outta me.



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