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Witches' Brew: Brew Bits: Michelle Joins Barack In the Action Figure Game......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brew Bits: Michelle Joins Barack In the Action Figure Game......

Um, can you say "creepy much"???? Anyway they will be in stores on Nov 20th...

The only thing remotely close to the real thing are the First Lady's guns, other than that they both look heroin bloated...... oh well! Will you be buying????


The toy company that created the Barack Obama action figure has done the same for his wife, Michelle - but don't even think about calling her a sidekick.
Jason Feinberg of Jailbreak Toys says he thinks the First Lady doll will outdo the President's version, which has already racked up 200,000 sales.
"Batman has nothing on Michelle Obama," agreed Manhattan mom Eileen Ramos, 38, who said her three kids love the First Family.
"I bought the Barack figure last year, but I think Michelle is the one with the real superpowers in the family."
Feinberg, who introduced the Barack doll in November 2008, said he thinks the new one will especially appeal to girls.
Each comes with one of three dresses, all designed to show off Michelle's most famous physical trait. "Of course, all figures will have bare arms," he said.


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