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Witches' Brew: Coming Soon: "Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coming Soon: "Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend"

In order to get your mug on TV these days, you don't need to be a wife or even a housewife, really. All you need to be is a girlfriend. Correction, a "girlfriend" of someone famous. Not necessarily the main girlfriend, just the one most photographed with said celebrity, or the one who drives the most expensive car bought by the aforementioned "celebrity." Case in point: VH1's upcoming reality series, "Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend."

The new show will follow four women who are in love with a rap star (presumably, not the same rap star, but ya never know). VH1 says “this docu-soap series follows four women who share a common bond: they understand the joys and pains of being in love with a big name rapper. Sure, there’s the glamorous lifestyle — full of bling, Bentleys and mansions. But behind closed doors, they struggle against shifting loyalties, baby-mama drama and the huge shadow cast by their larger-than-life partner. This 8-part series charts the women as they navigate their relationships with the men they love while they try to maintain a sense of self in the eye of the hip-hop hurricane.”

Don't all these shows claim to give us the nitty gritty, yet they routinely fail to do so? Anyway, no word on a release date for Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend or who's been cast for the show.

Who'd you like to see on this show?


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