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Witches' Brew: Happy Earthday

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earthday

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that Mother Earth is getting properly annoyed with human disrespect. Four months into the new decade, the world has seen multiple cross Continent earthquakes, floods, mud-slides and economy debilitating volcanic eruptions (I love that word... eeeeeeruptions..heh!) annnyways. Treat her a little better, m'kay!?

By now you should have 'Gone Green' already, carrying a reusable water bottle, bringing your own bags to the grocery store, buying your produce locally grown. Here are some not so new, but you still may not be doing it ways, to do your share.

Toys: Parents always marvel that your kids are just as happy to play with boxes...check this awesomeness out! And you won't have to worry that you'll be next on the recall list.

Some of you may have to reinforce these with steel bars...or 2x4's or something for your lil' thickums...jussayin'..
DIY chair and table set instructions @

For the super crafty@

Everything in this picture is handmade, amazing right!?

Home: Use no VOC acrylic paint, awesome for people with allergies and hypersensitivity to chemicals and kids, who put their mouths on everything.- YOLO Colorhouse. AMAZING color palettes.

Travel: Offset the emissions you're using on that boozy trip to Rio (well, after they clear up the mudslide, Yikes!). Purchase Carbon offset for your personal carbon footprint: Sustainable Travel International

Check out some eco-friendly travel options over at

Fashion: I am all about sustainability, though I have an aversion to wearing anything that looks itchy scratchy or too mother 'earthy'. There is no excuses for a woman to look like a hobo, unless she is a hobo...

The good news is organic fashion these days doesn't mean looking like Woody Harrelson...wearing the equivalent of a burlap sack. Check out these cute dresses @ Nixxi

Didja know?

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970, and was the brainchild of Sen. Gaylord Nelson.
(Heh...I bet he got beaten up a lot in school).

Namaste, b!tches!

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