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Witches' Brew: Hidden Tiger, Funny Video

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hidden Tiger, Funny Video

Is it me, or does he look realllll scurred in this pic? Anyway...

Ok, so I'm like soooo over the Tiger Woods thing.  Actually, I was over him like 5 years ago when he started to get that old man steeze with a hairline that took an unfortunate turn for the worse.  But, I digress...

You know, Tiger's caublanasian, so naturally our Asian brothers and sisters are in a frenzy over this story.  A Taiwanese news station went so far as to reenact last week's dreadful "when Escalade meets hydrant and tree" moment.  But more than crappy actors, this video is animated!

I have no idea what they're saying... but it's hilarious nonetheless.  Good to see the news graphics department still has a job!  #justsayin



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