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Witches' Brew: Ask A DudeĀ©: He's Just Not Into You (At All) Boo Boo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ask A DudeĀ©: He's Just Not Into You (At All) Boo Boo

Brew Chick Says: So, I have a friend who is a little delusional. Dudes, can you help me to help her? She has a 'guy friend' that she does EVERYTHING with: Movies, plays, road-trips, weekly dinners, etc.

She wants to get romantical, but he has not made a single romantic move in a year plus (Not even flirting). Note, she has let him know she is open to him as a romantic suitor, and she is very single and very available. She claims he's not putting on the moves b/c ''He doesn't want to ruin the friendship". I'm pretty sure, he just not interested in her doggie style so...who's right? Personally, I've never heard of a man caring about a woman's friendship at the detriment to his peen-parts but I am willing to be wrong.


GROSS DUDE: Here are my 4 potential explanations
  • 1 - He's Gay...... I'm sure this will cross everyone's mind so I'll say it for those that are afraid to say it.
  • 2 - He has an incurable STD
  • 3 - She's physically repulsive to him but real cool and funny..... (this is kinda strange b/c a fella will only be seen in public, alone with a chick he finds repulsive but so many times. After a years+ of hanging out you begin to wonder.)
  • 4 - (This one I admit to doing) She has so many other pretty/sexy friends, she is his outlet to get to them and messing with her will simply mess that up.

SUpreme: There's not much to add to this. You already said it - she's DELUSIONAL. Accurate assessment.

There's not a heterosexual man on this Earth who is into a woman and won't respond to her advances, flirtations or anything of the sort. Shoot - I got a girlfriend and I STILL tell my female friends (jokingly) "don't play...I ain't one of those 'metrosexshamels' who 'don't notice' that you look good!"

He obviously ain't that into her in THAT way. "Don't wanna ruin the friendship"?? Man...a dude will convince himself of every reason in the book why that WON'T happen if he's into a girl! I actually tend to date women who are first my friends, so this excuse is null and void.

So if she's sure he playing for The Packers (read between the lines), then the answer is obvious. She's deluding herself and needs to move on. And please believe - there's very little chance that all this time they've been hanging and he hasn't even brushed her hand accidentally, that he hasn't been shucking his ducky with SOMEBODY.

Keep him in the "friend zone" and move on to next one.

BIG IN EUROPE: To my knowledge (I may have to do a little more research on this one, but I don't think so), never in the history of DUDEDOM has a man told a woman that he was even REMOTELY interested in, that he only wants to be friends with her... UNLESS, he currently involved with someone "better" and just biding his time until THAT is over, OR the girl told HIM that SHE wants to be friends first, and he's just saving face.

In my honest opinion (Don't you hate when people say that? 'In my honest opinion', like you're going to give someone else's opinion), if the man says he "just wants to be friends", then he's either not interested... at ALL ... or gay.
Namaste, bitch!... Big In Europe, taking folks to church since 2009.

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