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Witches' Brew: Brew Fashion: Play Cloths Tee Benefits Haiti + Yele News

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brew Fashion: Play Cloths Tee Benefits Haiti + Yele News

Clothing line Play Cloths is chipping in to help the Haitian relief effort by designing this tee shirt called "Haitian Jack."  100% of the proceeds from the sales of the shirts will go to the Yele Haiti earthquake fund.  But, there's a catch: the shirts are only available until January 22nd, 5 pm (ET).  The shirts retail for $38.  Click here to get yours.

And a footnote to that Yele Haiti controversy we reported yesterday. Hugh Locke, the president of Yele Haiti added to his comment that Wyclef Jean has never profited from the organization.  Locke said it's a “shame that during this international emergency” they had to pull much needed time from the response efforts to the Haiti earthquake and relief effort to “address these allegations.”  The organization suspended activities for a number of years and was not required by law to file a tax return since it was not in operation.

Hope that settles that.  I hope.

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