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Witches' Brew: Brew Commentary: Friends or Faux?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Brew Commentary: Friends or Faux?

Most of us love our girls more than our men, but are you a true friend? We’ve all taken those Facebook “Which Girlfriend Are You?” polls hoping the results say we’re Joan Clayton and not Toni Childs! The truth is though there’s a little Toni Childs in all of us. Don’t agree? Well, do you pull your girl’s coat when she’s sounding a bit “extreme” about her latest plot against her unfaithful ex? Or, do you encourage her to play herself then volunteer to accompany her to do hood rat stuff? Do you suggest she eases up on the Mac forcefield face and Wet Seal wonder outfit that’s too tight, too shiny and too young? Or, do you smile, stay quiet and let her party looking like a Fashion Fair fool? Do you tell your friend when her hair is mess? Or, as long as your hair do is tight you keep mum? There are many layers to friendships; acquaintances, homies, going out girls, besties, but I can’t help but feel that as we grow older all of these purposes should be served by just one good sistahgirl, even if she needs a little guidance and tough love sometimes!



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