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Witches' Brew: ASK A DUDEĀ©: That's a Lotta Cake!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

ASK A DUDEĀ©: That's a Lotta Cake!

Cheatin' Guy wants to know:

Let's say you have two "girlfriends", through some horrible twist of fate they have the SAME birthday! What do you do?!

Bianca: Fellas, let's help this busy guy out!

The Judges

PHLIP: First of all... Having 2 girlfriends at one time makes one a shitty individual and lays one very much deserving of the heartache that is due to come as a result of this no-win situation. He could decide which is the least problematic of a few situations:

    1. Decide which one he likes less, and break up with her and kick it with the other.

    2. Come clean to both of them, expecting both to want to break up, or using it as a means to turn it up with the one he intends to keep.

    3. Do nothing, tell a lie to avoid one ON the day and deal with the problem later.

Any way about this, this situation has no wins and will wind up costing a considerable amount, monetarily (to him, at least) and emotionally to all involved. Guess what, though? HE DESERVES IT.

SUpreme: This is a question best answered by cheaters, pimps or "players"...which I'm none of. So I don't know the "player thing to do", cuz I would never HAVE two girlfriends. Now, if I was simply dating two women with the understanding we weren't exclusive and just seeing how things go...I guess I would simply choose to spend time with the woman I was feeling more on said date. The other one...I'd simply call her to wish her a happy birthday.

The Enablers:

THE CASHER: Celebrate both birthdays, just not on the same day. Push one to the previous week, because you're "busy" the next week.

REV REAL: Easy. Take the demure one to lunch. Take the jumpoff out that night. If ms. Demure asks, tell her u have to work late. Playas know how not to tell the truth without lying.

Play on, playaaaaaaaaaaa

Bianca: Isn't it nice to know women fit into such neat little boxes, we're either demure or jumpoffs. Really, Rev?

GROSS DUDE: This is one of those rare times where I can honestly say.. "this has never happened to me". but if it DID!!! I would mysteriously have a business trip that day or there will be a sudden illness to a relative in Zimbabwe and I have to fly out to see them to make sure everything is OK. So I will be seeing on the weekend before to celebrate and another the weekend after. Regardless.... its easy to get out of...and if Cheatin Guy can't figure this out, he needs not to be cheating. Damn amateurs!

The Pervert

BIG IN EUROPE: Try to arrange a menage!! If you can pull it off it will be like YOUR BIRTHDAY, TOO!!

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