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Witches' Brew: Culture: ATLAS PERFORMANCE CENTER, It’s a Real Good Thing...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Culture: ATLAS PERFORMANCE CENTER, It’s a Real Good Thing...

Nestled in the gentrifying H Street, NE corridor is a bonafide GEM of cultural enrichment. The Atlas Performance center, includes Joy of Motion dance center, a state of the art performance facility, an art gallery, even kid’s programs. It is absolutely fabulous. This is how you want to see community theater and local music performances.

This past summer, I saw a fantastic performance of George Orwell’s 1984, by the Catalyst Theater Group, inside the intimate yet state of the art Sprenger Theatre. (Bring a sweater it gets COLD!) For the super low, all day every day price of wait for it... wait for it....TEN US DOLLARS! This is truly FOR the community.

Adjacent, is a spanking new Joy of Motion, dance center...where you can get your hip hop moves together, or even brush up on your “man keeping skills”, with a belly dance class.

Current and Upcoming Performances:

After the performance, mosey on over to Sova Espresso and Wine.

Call me biased, as I have a fondness for the area I first lived in, upon moving to this town. But it is seriously on the come up!

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