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Witches' Brew: Like Father, Like Son

Friday, February 27, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Ugh! Jem spent the night surrounded by the locals at the hospital with a bout of abdominal pains. Guess JJD should have been drinking Fawnda’s green tea smoothies. Anywho, my people, Jem is back and in fighting form. Take that! And Jem’s got news from the young, up and coming fashion world. Turns out, Oscar de la Renta’s son, Moises, is turning out a clothing line. Talk about stuntin’ like yo daddy. My, how Jem loves her Dominicans. Viva Dominicana! The MDLR line debuts this season and word on the curb is many items will sell for under $1000…hello recession! We hear Moises will roll out looks ranging from the LBD to stretchy leather pants. We all need a little stretch sometimes.



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