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Witches' Brew: Every Dime Deserves Some "DIME CURVES"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every Dime Deserves Some "DIME CURVES"


That's right ladies, now the big fat booties glorified in all your favorite hip hip videos and drooled over by men young and hot and old and fat can be yours! Just take DIME CURVES supplement, that's right! IT'S A MUTHAEFFIN MIRACLE!!! just pop these pills and before you know it, you are asstastikal!!!

Take a look at these before and after shots from their site if you don't believe Dr. Dubya. Pretty impressive huh??? Buffy move over girl, there's a new ass in town!!

(I wonder if these are the pills Lil Kim used to get her "Dancing with the Starrahs" booty?????)


If you truly believe that popping a pill will give you a fatty then you have deeper issues that you may wanna sit down and discuss with a real professional. Dr. Dubya only plays a doctor on the computer machine, toodles!

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