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Witches' Brew: 'Memba this...

Monday, March 30, 2009

'Memba this...

STOP lying...everyone remembers MISS CLEO!! And I know you're hands were itching and you needed an update...well:

Our favorite Pyschic Network TV fraud is letting the world know that she is still reading palms and she loves the va-jay-jay. In a recent edition of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Ms. Cleo catches you up on her goings on after being sued and unsued and everything else that goes along with being a fake psychic.

Ms. Cleo, who has spent her time away from the spotlight producing a spoken word cd and reading palms down in Florida, just wanted us to know she still exists.

Umm yeah...okay..thanks for the update.

Check out the recent on goings of our favorite Pyschic at :

If not...have a good laugh on me..and remember: THE CARDS NEVER LIE!

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