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Witches' Brew: Things Negroes Like: Cliche Edition

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things Negroes Like: Cliche Edition

It's Tuesday Negroes...time for another installment of what my people can't get enough of. Today's edition is in honor of those of you with extensive, polished and refined vocabularies. Yes, those of you who took AP English and read those novels sold out of car trunks. Yes, you, 'the learned.' I'm calling this the Things Negroes Like: Cliche Edition.

Run it...

Per se
My girl Fawnda loves it when you people say this. Dictionarily (you like that word, don't you?), per se means 'intrinsically: with respect to its inherent nature' but you know your edumacated friends are not using it in that context. Do me a favor...ban this phrase because you ain't French and you know 'intrinsically' isn't part of yo' vocab.

Trials & Tribulations
If I have to hear this one more time when a celebrity f*cks up, I'm going to scream. You know what I'm talking about: 'Every relationship goes through its trials and tribulations' (re: Chris Breezy & Rihanna) or 'T.I. proves we can all go through trials and tribulations and come out stronger' (I actually heard this on the radio Saturday and wanted to toss my car over a bridge). Really? Can we swap this tired phrase and just say what you know you really wanna say? Chris effed up and T.I. got caught. Period. The end.

I Know That's Right
This is the Black woman's anthem. When we have nothing else to add, we tell you we already knew what you were saying was correct. Doesn't really mean anything, but it's our way of co-signing what you just said. Really, we could just nod our heads and keep it movin'.

Who is the genius that came up with this word. Regardless IS regardless...without spite of everything. You don't need to further negate it. Every time I hear this one, I vow that I'm officially done with Black people but they keep pulling me back in with their greens and red Kool Aid and shiz.



At Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 10:11:00 AM EDT , Blogger BreeIAm said...

You forgot my favorite one to hate...CONVERSATE. Biggie as your go to grammar-tist not a good thing!


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