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Witches' Brew: WB's Cornball Corner: Rick Wagoner

Monday, March 30, 2009

WB's Cornball Corner: Rick Wagoner

Monday's "Cornball Corner" post is a little late cuz I was out doing hood rat stuff. Today's post is dedicated to the 20 million dollar bama that his Rick Wagoner. The former General Motors CEO was forced out after running the company into the ground. Did he get a spanking and mouth balls like Ving Rhames on "Pulp Fiction"? Nope, he got a $20 million dollar retirement package. So this bitch is life..and my life and your life and your mamma's life. Wagoner worked for GM for nearly 32 years and he's vested according to a GM spin doctor. Wagoner hasn't official left the company yet. He's too busy asking the government for more money to bailout the lagging auto giant. Rick Wagoner you are the weakest link, goodbye!

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