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Witches' Brew: DMX, The Boxer?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DMX, The Boxer?

Dark Man X needs a day job. Hey, we all gotta get our crack stash re-upped eat, right?

In a recent radio interview, DMX talked about his December debut as a boxer in Alabama.

DMX on how the fight came about:
"We got a phone call, you know? Asking if I wanted to participate in it. I was like, "Yeah. Why not?" I used to participate in…oh, nevermind. But yeah, I figured I could do it."

DMX on whether he’s training for the fight:
"I’m just going to walk in as it is, you know what I mean? It wouldn’t be fair if I trained."

DMX on whether he'll fight again if he wins:
"You mean, like, professionally? I ain’t going to do too much of it. I’m not trying to have my face all messed up."

DMX... errr, ahh, confused:
"Do you watch MMA?
DMX: "What’s that?"
"Mixed Martial Arts."
DMX: "No, I watch the ultimate fighting, though."

Listen to the full interview here.  iSigh.




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