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Witches' Brew: MJ’s Autopsy Photo Leaked?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

MJ’s Autopsy Photo Leaked?

The Daily Beast reports there are rumors that a photo from Michael Jackson's autopsy may have been leaked. A reporter got a call last week from a photo agent who claimed to have a picture snapped at Jackson's autopsy. Someone who's seen the photo says it's definitely not a cell phone photo because the quality is too good.

If the rumor is true, the Los Angeles coroner and police department will certainly want to get to the bottom of things, since any release of those photos while the criminal investigation is ongoing would be a huge security breach. Those who have seen the reported photo say Jackson is on the autopsy table with his eyes open, no makeup (aside from his tattooed eyebrows) and a scar on his left cheek is visible. One person called the photo shocking. The coroner isn't commenting on the rumor and so far, the names of the people present at the autopsy have not been released.

When will we let this man rest in peace? If the photo ever sees the light of day, you know it could bring in at least a million dollars in this morbid, paparazzi-obsessed society. So, if the shot ever does leak, is it something you'd want to see? Would you seek it out?




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