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Witches' Brew: Screw My Number, Just Take My Twitter Name

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Screw My Number, Just Take My Twitter Name

Ever meet a guy while out on the town with your girls and instead of slipping him your number, you just give him your Twitter handle? Seems crazy but it's happening.

One blogger wrote:
A good friend of mine met a great guy in a crowded bar, and barely had the chance to talk to him before the people she came with wanted to leave. As they parted ways and he hurriedly asked her, "Can I call you sometime?" she (now famously) shouted across the bar, "Direct message me on Twitter!"
After several direct messages and dates, they're still together!
So, this begs the question: when you meet someone, should you just give him/her your Twitter handle instead of a real phone number? I'm inclined to say "no" because this only perpetuates the lack of human contact that's ever-present in our lives. On the other hand, if dude turns out to be wack, at least you won't spend your nights dodging his calls and penis texases.

Just giving the dude your online deets means you're in control of the information you want him to see. Does he ever learn the real you? Then again, do you really want him trolling your drunken Twitpics and Facebook photos?

What ever happened to telephone conversations? Is that so 2008?

What's your call?

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