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Witches' Brew: Would You Drink It?: Bakon Vodka

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would You Drink It?: Bakon Vodka

Ok, so we know ya’ll ain’t feeling that titty cheese, but, how about some bacon-flavored vodka? Actually, some cheese, crackers and nice chilled vodka might be pretty tasty right now. But, I digress.

Bakon vodka is made from potatoes with a hint of savory bacon flavor. There are even recipes for drinks like “Bacon Mary” and “Bacon Oyster Shooter.” I dunno about all that slurpin' a raw oyster, but a shot of this bacon likka to chase some a few nicely grilled skrimpz in the summertime might set me up just loverly.

Anyway, would you drink it?


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