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Witches' Brew: Brew's Gotta Have Gadgets Gone Green

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brew's Gotta Have Gadgets Gone Green

There's not much that I like more than Internet purn an entire bottle of twist cap wine laying up with mah boo chocolate dipped in chocolate with a side of chocolate chased with chocolate laying up with mah other boo anything sustainable and ANYTHING CUSTOM. Bespoke items say 'Hey, Bama, I'm way more stylish and creative and just THAT more awesome, than your off the rack, buying 'as is' bargain basement bum arse!'* And I love that.

These bamboo iPhone covers are an awesomely earthy counterpart to your hightech baby.
And the best part - you, can design your own. They also have some pre etched, for the more stick figure gifted among us. LOVE. @ GROVE MADE

*(The only thing Kanye and I agree on...well that and my Ambah Rose...*swoon*)



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