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Witches' Brew: The list and the double standard

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The list and the double standard

Our readers know how much the Witches love Dhani Jones and his tangy taco meat! The Travel Channel host recently gave his "boo breakdown" to Shade 45's Angela Yee and a lot of people are talking about it:
quick-witted, yet possesses a calming motherly quality
speaks languages
tall, slender (but she can be a little bit thicker)
great background
maybe light brown/olive complexion/mixed background
huge heart
creative soul
stands firm behind her man (but not in front, perhaps beside)
long hair; no weave
incredible hands
insatiable eyes
wants a huge family
can talk to a homeless person or a wealthy person
she can play in the mud in the morning and go to a black tie event at night
she’s ok on her own but she loves her man; and independently wealthy helps

Um,'s long and truthfully gave my friends pause, but we women have our own mental checklists that can be just as complex and tedious. So why then when a guy is honest about his requirements, we get a bit offended?  Why the double standard?

BTW hands are a little rough, but I'm fluent in Hoodrat and Pig Latin, my eyes are insatiable when I'm hungry and I am tall when I stand next to a "little person". Can you work with that?



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