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Witches' Brew: Mo money, Mo problems?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mo money, Mo problems?

Is it possible to feel happy AND sad that someone has hit a $258 million dollar jackpot? 29-year-old Chris Shaw of Missouri won the ginormous powerball booty on Wednesday. The convenience store worker has three children and was nearly broke when he got word of the win. He bought the ticket at his job and hasn't decided if he's going to quit yet. He did say he's taking his family to Disneyworld and buying two new front teef, bless his heart. It's those last few sentences that have a Witch petrified for our little country friend. Dude, if you're not sure that you're going to quit your $7.25 an hour job when you have more money that Bill Gates, then that's a problem. If you can't think past Mickey Mouse and 'em in Florida, then that's a problem. You can buy Disneyland...or at least a stake in the company. Think globally son! I would be chucking up DUECES to that job and everyone else at that press conference.

Lottery winners haven't had good track records so let's all pray to White Jesus that the predators don't come after this man but I'm pretty sure they've already started!

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