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Witches' Brew: Social Commentary: Stanky Steeze

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Social Commentary: Stanky Steeze

Let me get this straight; we have a clean and articulate (¬©Joe Biden) African-American residing in THE most famous address in America and I have still have to look at this sweaty Brewshyt? Rappers Maino and Wacka Flocka Flame (or What That Fugga Flame as I like to call him), recently showed up at some random party looking like...well looking like this! Granted we Witches appreciate a person who walks to the beat of his own drum (i.e., Will.I.Am), rocks his own style (i.e., Kanye) but um..I cannot co-sign on looking like you stink! C'mon Son! Why the dry lips and rogue deordorant balls on your side Wacka? Maino, how old are you? And, and, why the Sears Portrait studio kiddie tat? Doesn't a picture in your wallet suffice? WHAT.IS.THE.MEANING.OF THIS? You have made it clear from the neck tats that you have no plans to work outside the music industry, but can we just come up a little bit? Please? I know, I know, to these little young girls, this is sexy, but I just want to wipe you down, shave, then Febreze your asses! Brewchie Out...

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