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Witches' Brew: Brew Beauty: Next Big Thing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brew Beauty: Next Big Thing

Don't you hate being the last person to know about a beauty trend? (Psst, them fangawaves you are walking around with, are not the bidness.) But, I digress. So, from the Brew to you, The next new thing in manicures are Minx nails.

These decals are not a polish but a 'space aged polymer', that is applied via heat lamp or blow dryer. They come in a ridiculous amount of patterns, though the best are definitely the metallic. Who wouldn't want their toes shiny like this?

(Unless you've got the crusty hammer toe, take care of that bidness first, Boo Boo).
Don't believe me, ask Miss Celie. Check out the entire process on Beauty Snob.
Find a salon near you.

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