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Witches' Brew: Shyne To Diddy: You's A Lie

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shyne To Diddy: You's A Lie

Rolling Stone reports the "conversation" between rapper Shyne and P. Diddy was a lie!

Shyne (new name: Moses Levi) was dropped from Bad Boy after the 1999 New York club shooting that left 2 people injured and left Diddy and then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez free to walk the streets.  Shyne was sentenced to 2 years behind bars for the shooting.  Since that time, he claims Diddy betrayed him by hiring lawyers who didn't do their jobs.

But the real smoking gun is the comment Diddy gave Hot 97 radio.  He said he'd talked to Shyne and that the jailed rapper was “in good spirits.”  Shyne says the comment is shocking.  He called it a "figment of Sean Combs’ imagination."  Shyne went on to say:
“He never spoke with me, he never visited me nor would I ever accept a phone call or visit from him. The only way I would do either of those things would be if he stepped up and did the right thing for the victims of the incident.”

Booyacka son!

A $130 million civil lawsuit filed by victim Natania Reuben against Combs and Shyne is still pending in Brooklyn.  Shyne says he was "afraid for [his] life" and only fired the gun in self defense after his friends were involved in an altercation with a man named Matthew “Scar” Allen.

Shyne served 8 years for assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession.  He's in custody as the feds decide whether to deport him to his native Belize (where his daddy is the prime minister).  His father (pictured below) has asked New York Governor David Paterson to pardon his son.

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