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Witches' Brew: Kimora Wants To Show You What She's Working With?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kimora Wants To Show You What She's Working With?

Russell's former bag carrier Kimora Lee Simmons says she's been in talks with Playboy "quite a bit" but her mission to make the world fabulous has gotten in the way of her exposing her vagicat.

The 34 year old mother of three told OK! Magazine:
“We’ve talked about it quite a few times. I’ve had cover stories lined up more than once. It’s something I never came around to doing at that time... I feel like I’m a little different than some of these women who do it because I do have a tremendous business, and an empire and a fashion line – my whole life of my businesses and being an entrepreneur and a business mogul. Sometimes I feel like I have the sex appeal and the wherewithal, and I feel like getting out there and doing it.”

"Some of these women"... whatchu tryin' ta say Kimora?

If she does take it off for the magazine, you can thank/blame Lisa Rinna for the inspiration.  The 46 year old big-lipped actress posed for Playboy in May.  Kimora applauds her move.
“I think if you can do it, and Lisa Rinna did it – great- and she looks hot, and then there are other times when I think ‘is this the same message I want to reflect about me as a businesswoman?"

Seems like Kimora is playing with our emotions.  Either you want to take it off or you don't.  It's not that serious, boo.  Get off the fence!

Oh, she did add a final jab...
“It’s just about balancing and juggling and wearing many hats. Sometimes I ask myself as a businesswoman, ‘would Oprah do that?’ Then other times, I say ‘but if Oprah had that body would she do it?’ I don’t know!”


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