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Witches' Brew: WTF? Files: DC Cop Pulls Gun In Snowball Fight

Sunday, December 20, 2009

WTF? Files: DC Cop Pulls Gun In Snowball Fight


A Washington, DC cop went all Rambo during a snowball fight in the NW section of the city yesterday.  The cop hopped out of his Hummer and brandished a gun.  It took another officer to calm him the eff down.  Apparently, the snowball fight had been hyped on the innaweb's version of the debbil (Twitter). 


An eyewitness to the snow fight told the Washington City Paper:
"An hour ago, we showed up to see a snowball fight already in progress. Two factions along 14th Street along the intersection. It was pretty friendly, mostly OK. At one point, there was one interaction with the police that I saw. A cop got stuck in the snow. People stopped and helped him out. A couple moments later, at the intersection, heading west along U was this big maroon Hummer. A small faction of people decided to target it with snowballs. They're throwing snowballs at the Hummer. It turns out the driver of the Hummer is a detective. He gets out. He's waving a walkie talkie. It's not going well. Then he starts waving a gun. He hadn't identified himself at this point. There was a point where things cooled off a bit, more police showed up, and he identified himself at that point. The name was Det. Baylor. My guess was B-A-Y-L-O-R.""There was a point where it got really tense. The experience for many people was snowball fight kind of fun...and then there's a guy with a gun."
The eyewitness says the detective calmed down once his fellow cops arrived, but not before grabbing a dude whom he thought tossed a snowball at him.

You can see more photos from the incident by clicking here.  And someone took video of the incident's aftermath, where the cop admits to pulling out his gun:

 Who brings a gun to a snowball fight?  Snow really makes this city uptight.

*All photos courtesy of Matthew Bradley.

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