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Witches' Brew: NBA Ballers Afraid To Dunk?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NBA Ballers Afraid To Dunk?

Shaquille O'Neal dared his fellow ballers to participate in the NBA All-Star dunk contest to raise money for Haiti.  But so far, the suggestion has been a dud.

Tuesday, Shaq said he'd like to see LeBron James, Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant participate in the dunk contest for a large prize, with half of that money going to Haiti.  Carter said no and suggested Dwight Howard do it.  Dwyane Wade –who has already donated $175,000 to the earthquake relief effort– also declined to dunk.  So far, defending dunk champ Nate Robinson, Shannon Brown and Gerald Wallace are dunking.  A fourth player will be determined later.

What gives guys?  Step up to the plate for Haiti.  Ya'll make enough to donate what's in your couch cushions.  I'm sure basketball fans would love to see a classic dunk contest like vintage Jordan and Wilkins.  Or are today's players simply too spoiled? 


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