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Witches' Brew: Ask A DudeĀ©: The Ol' Date and Switch!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ask A DudeĀ©: The Ol' Date and Switch!

Brew Chick Inquires: So, you are dating (and coiting) a girl. She likes you A LOT more than you like her. You meet her best friend. You like HER more. Do you attempt to segue from one bedroom to the next (praying to not get shot) or do take the L and not pursue, in order to spare the 1st chick's feelings?

Would you be pissed if a girl did this to you?



Phlip (check out his blog!): The matters of common decency drive that one take the L and spare the feelings of all involved. This goes not to mention that trying to dip on someone in favor of their best friend, who is the individual most likely to know the situation between you two, SHOULD be a fail to begin with. Seriously, what person who is worth hanging around would take on the significant other (or potential significant other) of their best friend?

On that same token, I would have every right to be pissed at BOTH parties if a chick did that to me, provided the 3rd party knew about us.

SUpreme: I think every dude, whether they admit it or not, has been involved with a woman and then met a friend of hers you may consider an "upgrade" - be it just looks or the total package. Me personally, I find it tacky and in poor taste to literally try to leave one girl for her friend. It just makes you look like a pig or a dog, which is what many women think about guys *anyway*. Why be THAT guy?? There are PLENTY of women out there...why go after her FRIEND? Even if her friend would be with it...but that's another topic (trifling-ass friends).

If you're not happy with Girl A, just move on. And don't do it the Jerry Springer way.

As far as a girl doing that to me, would never happen. My boys and I have lived by the same code since we were young - no "passing girls around" the crew. So even is she came one strong as can be, none of us would go with it. So no, I wouldn't be pissed - me and my crew would laugh at how trifling this chick is to think she could go from one of us to the next. And we'd probably lose a lot of respect for that woman.

Rev Real: Depends on the skill set. Is girl #1 keeping my pants on the ground? Hat to the side? Sperm count low, lookin' like a fool? Then no.

As a guy's guy, I would be mad...but hey, the numbers are in my favor.


ZOMBIE OF MR. CRAB: I was in this position in high school, but my stupid ass chose the high road. Her best friend was finer in ever single physical category, even the smell of her poon tank! I wish I would've gotten some instead of just a great friendship and the semi-street legal friend. Churrch!

(Bianca: Did this fool say 'HIGH SCHOOL'? I quit this b!tch)


Gross Dude: When doesn't this happen? I'd have to say more often that not. Every woman out there has a single friend cuter or sexier than they are.. and every man they date will acknowledge that. Hell, they don't even have to be cuter or sexier...just available. It's not smart to jump ship immediately.. a guy should do the exact opposite.. be even nicer to the one he has already bagged. Why??? b/c the next woman will want that for themselves....and eventually, they will fall into his lap..... naked. Some of you women are your own worst enemies and will knock off your girlfriend's man in a heartbeat. I know some of you are saying "Iwould never do that", but I bet some one of your girlfriends will.

Oh.... and I wouldn't feel too bad if it was done to me... I think back in the frat days of passing the pu$$y desensitized me. And I pretty much expect this, at this point. Many chicks had moved on to me after messing with some of the bruhs.. and they continued to move on from me to other bruhs. Just a vicious cycle but, good times, GOOD TIMES!

So, what's your call?

Guy's Do you agree with our Good Dudes or is Gross Dude the man with the perfect sleazy plan?

And ladies, would you go on a sloppy seconds reconnaissance mission with your BFF's boo?

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At Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 3:17:00 PM EST , Blogger C.A.S.H. said...

You take the L. I've been there before, and it's not fun at all. It's a lose/lose situation, especially if you've been honest with the first chick about how you feel. Even if she opened the door for you to persue the friend, any decent dude would try to spare the first chick's feelings and not go there. It's a tough situation, but one that ultimately you lose in.

I've had it done to me a long time ago. So long that it didn't really matter. I just wanted to sleep with the girl and so did my boy. He hit it and told me about it. Not too long after he dumped her, she came back to a chorus of laughs.

At Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 5:18:00 PM EST , Blogger Bianca Merriweather Pavillion Hall and Oates said...

Such double standards..


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