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Witches' Brew: Will You Watch?: BET Honors

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Will You Watch?: BET Honors

BET is honoring more Black folks this weekend. And, that's a good thing. But some of the chosen honorees got a *blank stare* from me at first. On January 16th, BET will honor Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, Sean "Diddy" Combs, educator Ruth Simmons and neurosurgeon Keith Black. The show will be taped at Washington, DC's Warner Theatre.

BET's president of Music Programming & Specials, Stephen Hill, says "each of our five celebrants are dedicated to reaching back to help bring more forward and represent integrity, perseverance, fortitude and outsized talent."

So, do you agree with this list?

The BET Honors special airs Monday, February 1st at 9 pm, ET. Dwyane Wade's ball handler Gabrielle Union will host.  Will you watch it? 

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