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Witches' Brew: ASK A DUDE: Respeito!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ASK A DUDE: Respeito!


Since Elin and Tiger were spotted together today, I'd like to know if a woman forgives a man for cheating that many times does he lose all respect for her? Does the husband now think he has carte blanche to do anything, since she has appeared to, let his transgressions go??


REV REAL: Not necsessarily. He got caught at ONE TIME boning 11 chix, not Caught 11 times. There's a difference. If she instills the fear of God in him Lorena Bobbitt style, he'll respect her.

But dude is mad corny and a sellout so I'm perfectly ok with her wrapping a pitching wedge around his cabbage one mo' 'gain.

PHLIP: If a woman forgives a man for cheating once, maybe a couple of times if it is a rocky relationship and they get it together on the strength of the kids, then yes some respect can be salvaged.However, if a dude cheats THAT many times and/or has a ton of money, it is telltale that he has options and is simply going through the motions. A 10-figure earner has the options to make another forgive and forget a lot more easily, even if they did not want to. For that, I can't imagine he has a ton of respect for her or will ever be fully "rehabbed," as if he ever intended to be. (COINCIDENTALLY, PHLIP BLOGGED ABOUT THIS VERY TOPIC: CHECK IT OUT)

GROSS DUDE: Well, this is a case by case scenario. I would have to say in this case.. no... why? Cause Elin lost her damn mind and beat the sh!t out of that man with his own Golf Clubs. No man will feel safe sleeping next to that woman if he would plan on continuing that behavior. Golf clubs today but it will be something sharp or flammable next time.

Now.. lets say Elin just rolled over and pretended like it wasn't going on and lived in denial like some women are prone to do.. then yeah.. No Respect

BIG IN EUROPE: Nah, really, what happens is he starts walking on egg shells until he can't take it anymore. Then he leaves her.

The Casher!: This is not your everyday scenario. This involves money and status and is not solely about vows and respect. When a man has money and power, he does this because every thing is expendable at the time. He's alpha-male and not too many scootchies are gonna say no. But that's beside the point.Will he respect her?
He could look at it two different ways:
1.) This relationship is about her comfort, my appeal, and the appearance of happiness. There's no love there and as long as I keep her ass in the finest of things, she ain't goin nowhere. It's almost like calling her bluff and since she didn't get serviced by someone else or leave him with half, then he doesn't HAVE to respect her. She's just another possession to him and she respects that paycheck. We'll see if a tiger can change his stripes...
2.) He can respect that she tried to go Mary Woodson and whoop dat ass. At THAT moment, he may have thought that, okay, this one cares a little bit. So maybe he respects her and that ass whoopin on reserve if he ever sleeps around on her again.
Either way, that's money and wouldn't happen to the average man. To him, if he cheats repeatedly without any repercussions, he'll keep doing it until there are some or he gets tired of it.

BIANCA: There you have it, Respect = Fear / Cold Hard Cash...carry the 1

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