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Witches' Brew: Brew Music: Usher + Nicki Minaj - "Lil Freak" [Video]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brew Music: Usher + Nicki Minaj - "Lil Freak" [Video]

We’ve already covered the sheer randomness of this song and how the man who once gave us “Confessions” is now looking for a “Lil Freak” (sigh). Now, here’s the video proof that may add fuel to the theory that Usher's career has taken a fall (that is, if you buy that theory). It looks like every other random R&B/Hip Hop video out and, I reckon, that's the problem if you were once gunning for that King of R&B throne.  Anyway, you be the judge.

Do you think Nicki pulls hotter chicks than Ursh these days? Justaskin. And, Nicki, I'll take that wig in a C4/30 color, thanks.

Anyway, you likey?

Video via Yardie

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