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Witches' Brew: Sandra Bullock Hit By Oscar Curse?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sandra Bullock Hit By Oscar Curse?

It’s not looking too good in the Bullock-James household, if you believe what’s being reported, that is. People reports Bullock packed her isht and moved out a few days before the proverbial Brewshyt hit the fan. Some jumpoff claims she’s been getting it in with Sandy’s hubby, Jesse James. Sandra also abruptly canceled the London premiere of The Blind Side this week. Bullock and James have been married since 2005. I really like them as a pair, so I hope this isn’t true.

All the talk about Bullock's marriage being on the rocks has started some discussion in the innawebs about a possible Best Actress Oscar curse. Follow me on this…

Kate Winslet → wins the Oscar in 2008, this week, she announced a split from husband Sam Mendes

Reese Witherspoon → wins the Academy Award in 2005, by October 2006, she and Ryan Phillippe split

Hilary Swank → entered splitsville with hubby Chad Lowe less than a year after winning her Oscar

Halle Berry → we know what happened here… she wins the Oscar, not long after, Eric Benet is exposed as a sex addict

Charlize Theron → she stuck it out with Stuart Townsend for a good while. They never married but, by Hollywood standards they had a Cosby-ish relationship.  They split in January.

Julia Roberts → broke up with the fine azz Benjamin Bratt three months after winning her Oscar

Nicole Kidman → she and Tommy boy got divorced 2 years before she won the Oscar for the film The Hours…hey, can’t win them all.

Ok, so it’s not a bulletproof theory, but I’m just sayin’… something ain’t clean here.


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