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Witches' Brew: D Wade’s Divorce Gets Ugly

Friday, April 2, 2010

D Wade’s Divorce Gets Ugly

Breaking up in the house of Wade ain’t easy to do. Dwyane Wade wants custody of his two sons, claiming his estranged wife, Siovaughn, has “consistently attempted to interrupt or prevent [him] from having visitation time” with the boys. Wade says her behavior makes it clear she’s dishonest, unstable and “unfit to be a custodial parent.” Oh snap!

On top of that, now there’s word the claim that Siovaughn made that Dwyane gave her chlamydia was a lie! A friend testified Siohvaughn told her she contracted the disease from another man back in 2007. Dayum!

And, all the drama isn’t playing out too well for Wade’s career on the court. Wade says the custody battle may keep him from playing on the national team this summer.

The Wades have been trying to settle their divorce for 2 years now. Good luck with that.

Wonder how long Gabby Union will stick around?


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