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Witches' Brew: Shake Things Up This Easter, Get Nekkid!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Shake Things Up This Easter, Get Nekkid!

Sunday is Easter, that's the day the we all put on the best of the best in pastel wear and strut our heathen asses to church. Just like last year, my thongs still get bunched up when I consider how hog wild people get over going to church specifically on Easter. Some only go on this day just to show off their "fly" Easter wears. Most churches will be standing room only cause it's Easter and while we try not to be preachy here at the Brew I would be remiss if I didn't suggest that perhaps we all try to get more spiritually grounded this year, no matter what or who you believe in. Don't wait for a special occasion so you can wear these:

You can get it poppin with God at any time and wearing just about anything, he don't care, really he doesn't! In fact, I get right with God most of the time in my favorite outfit of all time, my skin! totally butterball nekkid, it works for me and I feel that is when I most connect with him. Whatever your approach, just do something. If you have faith in whatever you have faith in then you know that there is something bigger than you out there looking over you and orchestrating all the good that you encounter. So don't wait til Easter to connect to that, God is not checking for your  big ole ugly, obnoxious pastel suit, he's only checking for you.

For a good hearty laugh, peep last year's edition of  'Things Negroes Like', Easter Edition......


And for the love of White Jesus, if you do go to church and encounter this 'Fool in the name of Christ', please run........

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