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Witches' Brew: Advice: Dude On Vacation

Friday, February 20, 2009

Advice: Dude On Vacation

My favorite Dude, has headed out for fun in the sun. So, I took a moment before his Carnival Cruising to pose a question to him.

Q: I know a woman who gets all starry eyed about the men she meets on vacation. She thinks it is somehow kismet that the dude in Las Vegas (or wherever) thought she was hot. His attentiveness is in direct correlation to giving up some of her good-good*, and when he does not live up to her expectations (all from the drama in her mind, of course), she goes into a depressed tailspin. So, 'Dude' Yea or nay: Can you develop a relationship with a woman you meet on vacation?

That Dude: I do that all the time b/c majority of them live between NoVa and New York...
well, at least at Carnival. Now lets say I go Spain..and meet some chick from California.. it's a "bit" of a lost cause. But not totally out of the question. When I went Brazil.. met woman from California.. we are actually still in touch til this day.

Bianca: There may be a hope for you yet... (that's sarcasm, btw)

That Dude: We tried getting together once, but we haven't caught up since. But yea, I'm totally willing to put my vacation ladies on the old rotation.

Bianca: That's quite enough.

What have we learned here?
  1. Hometown proximity is a huge plus, in maintaining contact if you choose to.
  2. That Dude, is more than willing to put you down with team Majority. But a real connection does not develop over sloppy drunken festivities.
  3. USE CONDOMS, because 'That Dude' is like the poor man's Wilt Chamberlain.

If you have a question you'd like the Dude's perspective on, please email Bianca at

Air kisses!

*(Bianca does not judge, give up your goodies til the cows come home. But don't kid yourselves.)

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At Friday, February 20, 2009 at 10:13:00 AM EST , Blogger Cruz said...

So you mean I shouldn't count on being the next first lady of Turks & Caicos after my trip there this summer??? Bummer!


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