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Witches' Brew: Meet The Witches: Jem Jacobs-Dior

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet The Witches: Jem Jacobs-Dior

Blogger: Jem Jacobs-Dior
Real name: Jerrica Benton (Google me, baby...I live on TV)
Owner: Starlight Music
Harassed by: Synergy, fashion tragedies, unnatural fabrics
Likes: Pink lace fronts, pastel eye shadow, glitter
Dislikes: The Misfits, retail prices

Jem Jacobs-Dior loves an outlet, lives for a sale and hates a tragic fashion moment. Like any good fashionista, Jem Jacobs-Dior speaks in the third person and tends to refer to herself using her full name...and she expects you to follow suit! Jem Jacobs-Dior has an international flare with an around-the-way edge. But be warned, Jem Jacobs-Dior will call out your fashion mishaps... especially if you're wearing She by Sheree. Oh wait, those are just sketches, not actual clothes. How dreadful!

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