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Witches' Brew: Meet the Witches: Vanessa Huxtable-Brickey: Desperate Housewife

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet the Witches: Vanessa Huxtable-Brickey: Desperate Housewife

After being in love with Robert and Roy and searching for my soul mate through drinking games and WRETCHED concerts, I married Dabnis Brickey and we live in the house that he built in the cow pastures of Lincoln University, Pa. It's where our emotional map lead us! I love it out here. It's just us. No brother, no sisters, nieces and nephews...or cousins who move in at the last minute. This place is nothing like Brooklyn at all. I listen to a lot of music. I watch a lot of tv. I'm working on my own memoir--DO THE LOCOMOTION: An inside look at being the third daughter of the First FIRST Black Family.

Just because my parents are Cliff and Claire, don't get it twisted---I will still call you out. Although President O (yes OPRAH) is running the free world, that doesn't mean you need to get out of hand. I would still like my people to rise someday. It's all fair in love and entertainment. Act a fool on tv--you're mine. Release a stupid song--I'm on it. Got an APB out for your favorite celebrities--so do I.

By the way, my parents are still ballin' in ridiculous amounts of money and my grandparents are celebrating their 75th anniversary soon---

and yes we still sing them songs...

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