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Witches' Brew: WB's Cornball Corner

Monday, February 23, 2009

WB's Cornball Corner

It's Monday which means it's time for the WB's Cornball Corner.
Today's post is dedicated to the token black dude on "Saturday Night Live", Kenan Thompson. A reporter for US Magazine recently asked this poor-man's Tracy Morgan what he thought of the Chris Brown-Rihanna fiasco. Kenan said Chris Breezy and Ri Ri were welcomed on SNL anytime adding, "We don't care about scandal. We just care about what brings us ratings! If we had them both on the show, that would be crazy." But wait, there's more Stephin Fetchitness to come. Kenan, who is one "good burger" away from Ruben Studdard steeze added, "I know how women can get when you get a text message from another female...." Um, okay? Good luck with SNL stint, R. Belly, I can't see it lasting too much longer! Like Billy in Purple Rain told Prince when he started going all creative and short-bus on the crowd, "Let me give you some good advice, junior; Nobody digs your music but yourself." Note to Kenan, you're not that funny in the first place! You're helping SNL fill its required black guy quota. It's not that serious boo!

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