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Witches' Brew: I Feel Pretty

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Feel Pretty

Spring hath sprung…finally. If you’re like me, then you’re looking for a few ways to put some spring in your wardrobe without jumping out the window because of a credit card bill.

This morning, The Today Show featured some cute ideas from a few very affordable labels. Take a look.

If you’re itchin’ to buy, here’s where you can find the labels mentioned:
Topshop (US website)
Newport News (the Jem gets DOWN with this website when bathing suit season rolls around…you betta recognize!)
Madewell (sold in stores and online @ ShopBop)
Liz Claiborne New York (My man Mizrahi is running thangs over there now that he’s left Tarjay *sniff sniff*)

A couple of extra options:
Don’t sleep on the “teeny bopper” stores – Forever 21 and Alloy are good spots for casual dresses or vacation looks that don’t cost a fortune. And Forever 21 will start carrying plus sizes this season.

Happy shopping my pretties!

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