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Witches' Brew: Spring Cleaning Brew Style: Project #1 Relationship Dust Bunnies

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning Brew Style: Project #1 Relationship Dust Bunnies

Spring has offically sprung, and with the normal spring cleaning of one's home (Sexy girls do not have dirty houses). Perhaps it's time we take stock of the emotional garbage weighing us down (sometimes literally)?

Women have a tendency to hold on to broken things for far too long. And I'm talking from my own experience here. We get so attached to the feel good portions of relationships that we brush the ugly stuff under the rug. The stuff that doesnt honor who we are, what we want and mostly what we are worth. We get so caught up in the 'what he wants' drama, that we ignore our own desires. For what? To have someone, anyone? To not have one more failure under your belt? Because the sex is good? Are these good enough reasons to sacrifice your total happiness?

As I am every day striving to become a better woman, these reasons are no longer good enough for me to hold on to broken relationships. So, I'm cleaning house. And I challenge you sisters who cry too many tears and laugh not enough, to join me.

Make a final break with already broken relationships. Let a man who doesn't know what he wants, go forth and find it, without you and leave you free to find someone who knows what he wants. Let someone who keeps you on the outskirts of his life 'get away', because he's telling you as plain as day that he does value you. So let's value ourselves.

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