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Witches' Brew: Spring Cleaning Brew Style: Project #3 Wipe Me Down

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Cleaning Brew Style: Project #3 Wipe Me Down

Ladies…let’s have a chat. Now that Spring hath sprung, you’ve cleaned those dust bunnies and groomed your mannish facial hair, it’s time to get on the ball with your #1 friend…your va-jay-jay. Enter: Sweet Spot Labs.

They offer everything you need to make that cooch sing with glee, from a gentle wash to a "bidet in a bottle" to Terrence Howard’s favorite baby wipes. I never leave home without the On-The-Go Wipettes. They’re like the AMEX of freshness.

What’s the point in having a fresh outfit on with a dust bunny free attitude if your snatch smells like it’s holding dead people hostage?

Remember… like they say at the sushi restaurant: good fish should not smell like fish.

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