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Witches' Brew: Tyler Perry SUCKS...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tyler Perry SUCKS...

Tyler Perry, and his uber-mogul cooning and buffooning self, has gone and told Mary J. Blige to become an actress.

Now we know that Mary can make the hits like no ones business. And now dag nabit, Tyler has gone and cast Mary J as one of the principal leads in his upcoming production of "I Can Do Bad All By Myself." Blige co-stars with DC Native, Oscar Nominee Tarji P. Henson as a bartender and singer who is friends with Tyler's drag alter ego, Madea.

This sounds like we get to hear some good ole Mary sangin'....But does she REALLY need to be on the big screen? Can't she just be on the soundtrack and be done with it??

I digress...

I just want Mary to stay on a constant tour and sing every single solitary song from the My Life album over and over. Ya'll know that you were feeling the PAINS of her relationship with K-Ci's crackhead ass and just wanted to sing all her pain away.

Blige most recently appeared in HBO's Entourage and in that trainwreck on BET, Prison Song. This newest foolishness is set to open in theaters on September 11.

Let's just remember Mary for WHY we love her in the first place:

(universal music group bites as well for not allowing folk to embed their videos)

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