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Witches' Brew: Best Foot Forward?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Best Foot Forward?

I am a shoe whore as much as the next chick, but I must draw the line when it comes to comfort. Can't have the piggies hurtin' forcing that "I'm still cute, but my feet are banging walk" to your car from a night of clubbin'. Comfort takes precedence in your 30s. It's something every woman must face. Another issue I won't tolerate is tormented toes. That s**t just isn't right. So imagine my reaction when I spotted this picture of swagger-jackin' Ciara and her wayward piggly. That mutant red toe looks like it's trying to quit this bitch and head south of the border. I don't care how fierce the shoe game is, your gangsta should never look like this!

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