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Witches' Brew: Another Nas Baby On The Way?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Nas Baby On The Way?

Word is Nas may be making more bank withdrawals soon. The rapper allegedly has another baby on the way with an unnamed woman. If you've been following their saga, you'll recall that Keliswho is quite fond of sending cryptic messages via Twitter—made reference to cheating husbands being scumbags a few months ago.

Not sure I’m on the bandwagon with this story just yet. But nothing surprises me these days.

Meantime, Nas says he ain’t perfect but he was a good husband. He told that he’s amazed his life is now fodder for the internetz. Nas says the rumors “almost sound[s] like I was a bad husband. Not to say I was the greatest—I’m not perfect in anything I do—but I think I deserve a fucking trophy. If I do say so myself, without sounding too cocky, I gotta say I was a hell of a husband and a hell of a dad.

Well alrighty then.

Clearly somebody doesn’t think so. Nas will be paying Kelis $39,498 in monthly support—$30,471 in spousal support and $9,027 in child support—and $45,000 for her attorney’s fees because Kelis ONLY brings in $21,616 per month in royalties.

Wish I had that problem, girl!

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