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Witches' Brew: Would You Let This Man Ink You?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Would You Let This Man Ink You?

Okay, so I like to eat. That doesn't make me a food expert, a chef nor a nutritionist.

I have some belly rolls. That doesn't make me a fat expert.

Follow along now...

So, Chris Brown has a lot of tattoos, but does that make him an official tattoo artist? I think not.
The apologetic woman beater singer/actor decided to give tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy a tattoo this week. Bang Bang is the same tatt artist that Rihanna was caught inking earlier this year. She got busted for it too because she has no license to do so.

Copy cat Chris learned a lesson though... he and Bang Bang opted to do the tattoo in a state where it's legal for anyone to do a tattoo as long as they do it in a licensed tattoo shop.

OK! Magazine says Bang Bang is now believed to be the only man with a smattering of tatts done by celebs. Uh, is that what people aspire to now? I guess...

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