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Witches' Brew: Escape My Date

Monday, October 12, 2009

Escape My Date

Have you ever been trapped on a painful date?  I sure have.  Let's see... there was that one time a dude told me about his impending WEDDING while we were having appetizers.  Well, ladies, fear those scrubs no more!  Now, there's Escape My Date.

The site uses Twitter to reach out to your friends and rescue you from dating hell.  To make use of the site, sign up with your Twitter info, create a profile and then pick the friends you'd want to reach out to you to escape a bad date.  When that bad date rolls around, send a direct message @EscapeMyDate and they will send the message to your selected friends. If your friends don't call you within five minutes, Escape My Date will automatically call you to give you an out.

Of course, you could just tell that dude he sucks and then quit that bitch in glorious Bianca fashion!

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