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Witches' Brew: Men We Love: Hill Harper

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Men We Love: Hill Harper

Actor, author and Ivy League Educated, Hill Harper lives my favorite hip hop motto "Don't Speak About It. BE About It!" and for that he's a Brew Man We Love. As a grassroots campaigner for President Obama, as a mentor to young people. The man is about being part of the solution and THAT is hot!

"Feeling that underserved boys and girls are at a severe disadvantage due to their lack of personal interaction with positive role models, founder Hill Harper felt that the core of what the Manifest Your Destiny Foundation facilitates is a mentorship program. Foundation mentors are successful men and women in various industries who are committed to providing underserved young men and women with guidance, positive role models, apprenticeships, internships, constructive outlets and the motivation to dream big and accomplish anything they set their minds to.
The Manifest Your Destiny Foundation provides financial resources and practical experience to support young men and women’s academic or professional field of interest. Internships and/or apprenticeships are awarded to eligible young people who have demonstrated their passions and commitment to furthering their education through academic achievement and community service. Additionally, the organization awards grants to deserving young men and women seeking to start their own business."
Check out, Manifest Your Destiny : HERE


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At Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 11:47:00 AM EDT , Blogger Kim said...

I love Hill Harper.. Please Lord let him be straight.


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